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Since Songda establishment, through mutual efforts with partners, we have successfully completed and delivered a number of large equipments and projects, mainly related to bulk material handling equipment and conveyor, self- unloading and offshore platform equipment, marine engineering projects, coating equipment and military products.
  • Stacking machine
  • Marine structure
  • Bulk material handling equipment and conveyor
  • Sel-unloading
  • On-site loading image of self-unloading telescopic boom
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  • On-site hoisting image of self-unloading telescopic boom
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  • On-site assembly image of self-unloading telescopic boom
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  • Trial assembly image of self-unloading telescopic boom
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Our Project Advantage
The company is committed to providing high quality product services for domestic and international customers in bulk cargo handling equipment, self-unloading and offshore barge platforms, port and terminal handling equipment. In line with the strategy of becoming one of the best manufacturing companies in China, Songda has maintained its long-term business cooperation with a number of world-famous companies.
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About us
Wuxi Songda Heavy Machinery Co., LTD, was established in 2010, with around 120 employees, the company is located in Wuxi Huishan District Yanqiao Economic Development Zone, adjacent to Grand Canal, and also adjacent to Huning and Jinghu Expressway and Wuxi International Airport, has excellent geographical location and transport conditions.
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Production/Inspection means
The concept of quality control has been deeply embedded in everyone's mind since the first day of establishing the company. In order to strengthen the source control of the product quality, Songda set up a third-party laboratory in 2012 to make all raw materials from the factory 100% tested. Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, is ‘First Purpose’ of our company quality control.
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